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An employee who works at the XSport Spa Patricia Delbosque, a self proclaimed friend of mine (2010, 2011), also cut my hair. We small talk about her troubles with the Spa how she was looking for new employment, her relationship troubles as well as my 3 year affair with a woman who worked at XSport (4 hours a week).

Understand Patricia is one key to my defense in a restarting order case that was provoked & prodded by another employee (TBN) to a woman I had an affair with "borderline personality disorder". Regrettably Patricia helped the petitioner of the restarting order, the petitioner is on court transcripts that she is not to go to the Xsport location , she has been to XSport in Chicago Ridge many times clearly for trouble. Patricia has went as far as to have conversations with me at xsport with undercover police standing behind her listening to our conversations trying to have me talk about the petitioner. I have evidence, timestamped photos as well. On April 26th '12 at Xsport fitness I noticed Patricia working, waited until she was not busy, it was clear she was guiltily avoiding me, clearly the petitioner was behind this. When I seen Patricia I said I need to talk, she said "after my meeting". Later I seen her near the door out of the spa, she said had to do something else, it was a lie. I said Patricia I have to subpoena you, she had a look of guilt.

Patricia said "I told THAT WOMAN I didn't want to get involved," this statement was of regrets of what she had done. She called over a sales guy (witness, named Bob) ,said "I'm going to lose my job because him and THAT WOMAN had an affair" she walked away, I did not follow her, I sat at the Entrance waiting for a buddy JOEY KOVAR (RIP) to get out of the tan bed, witnessed. I have proof. 15 minutes later BENJAMIN BETTENCOURT Regional Manager (refused last name), came to where I was sitting, intimating leaning in close to me, provoking, told me I had to leave. Ben and a couple others closely followed me out, I thought I was going to get beat up!

I spoke to DENNIS PIERRO at the corporate office once, he said I should not go back until this "thing" is over, meaning court proceedings. He said it's no big deal, it's a civil matter. I faxed him documents of proof of my innocence. I already possessed court transcripts, etc. BEN was nothing less than ignorant from the very first time I seen him. I never had one issue with anyone at xsport, except him. I phoned xsport to speak to BEN, I offered to fax court documents of proof and I asked for name & number of the legal department, he slammed the phone on my ear. BEN had talked Patricia to file an incident report.

I phoned DENNIS many times, he never answered. 2 days later I received a call saying my membership was revoked for an incident report filed with the Police from Patricia of intimidation. I had a four minute conversation of which she did most of the talking. This Police report from Patricia is false. I have contacted the Chief with the truth for the record.

?I believe that this was deliberately orchestrated to terminate my membership. I feel that the company has executed a (1) breach of contract and (2) defamation to get what they wanted. (3) Theft, I had also paid in full my membership for the 1 1/2 membership which I hardly used the first three months before they terminated my membership. (4) Pain and Suffering. Dennis was aware of my medical conditions that require exercise. I had sent Dennis doctor prescriptions of this from my heart doctor, etc. documents dated many months ahead of this date of incident. Because of this problem I have been to emergency rooms for heart problems and damage to nerves due to lack of strengthening of my back muscles by exercise, demanded by my doctors.

The nerve damage has kept me from everything, even driving. There has been severe damage that may never be fixed. By an order of a third doctor I am to exercise for anxiety. All documented. (5) Emotional distress.  

Because of this domino effect set off by a scorned woman as well as a few employees at xsport fitness Chicago Ridge it has cost me the before mentioned, part of my social life, friends, and over $12,000 to date. Chicago Ridge xSport has also lost memberships as well as potential new memberships as I was friends with everyone at xsport and people joined because of me, and left because of what happened. It is beneficial to reinstate my membership.

XSport Fitness DID in fact engage in the personal and civil matters of this member through the medium of it's employees who are in fact employed by on the time of xsport fitness. If xsport fitness claims they do not engage in engage in the personal or civil matters of their members then there is no cause for the termination of my contract hence this is a personal and civil matter which would then be taken upon the individuals that happen to be employed and coincidentally acted on the time of xsport fitness included yet not limited to, attempting to "set me up" with "Cook County undercover police" which failed ,all at xsport on xsport time as an xsport employee about a personal and now civil matter - YET xsport cancels my membership because of a "personal or civil matter".


There is no rational explanation, IF ANY, to revoke my membership, BIAS at best. I never had one issue or complaint at Xsport fitness and spa. This has all stemmed from the actions of the employees interfering in PERSONAL MATTERS, such as a civil court case that would have never taken place if it was not for the actions of the employes at XSport.

I want my XSoprt membership back. I had paid in full for 1 + 1/2 years

I want to stop being harassed by a minority of xsport staff.

Cease & Desist Defamation of Character by xsport staff

KIM ROTH stated to the BBB “membership was cancelled in April 2012 for texting and harassing one of the female staff members at the Chicago Ridge facility. He has involved her in his personal business and now believes that she has "invaded his personal matters". It is prudent at this time and XSport Fitness to go their separate ways. We now ask for the Better Business Bureau to render an administratively resolved status.”

AN OUT COMPLETE LIE! I offer my detailed phone records, I ask who this woman are, I ask why I would have their phone numbers and I ask to see the text or have known what this text said. This LIE would never get as far when brought into court.

Xsport is trying to cover all this up AND TAKING MY MONEY!

Ultimately the other 2 BS reasons xsport gave where smudged with the reason of “Discretion”

Xsport has many Corporate secretes...

Review about: Xsport Fitness Membership.

Monetary Loss: $528.

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This is the scariest rambling I have read in a long time. Very sad...clearly a mental disorder.


Wow. Really?


Update. After the fact this woman I was having an affair with was busted by her husband, an employee at Xsport fitness (and her sister as well) had coached the woman I was having the affair into filing a restraining order on me to prevent myself from talking to her husband and telling the truth about our 3 year affair that she claimed was only "months" to him.

Also to prevent myself from talking to her girlfriends about what really happened. The truth that I had found out about this woman with two men in Las Vegas and there weren't gambling. Clever move to block someone, WRONG person to betray or lie about! Unfortunately any woman can file a restraining order on any man and claim anything they want, including "fear", and, without appearing in court to defend yourself.

After the restraining order was filed and pushed through, I researched the the law and constitution of the US & state, the case was DISMISSED! As a result I filed a restraining order on her, although she disregarded the subpoenas which has made it worse for her. (I carry that dismissal and order with me). KARMA.

I done with her AFTER I file a police report for her filing a false police report etc.. I am far from finished with XSPORT. I will expose them. Also, I was personally told by a trainer at xsport he gave Joey Kovar (a good friend) his first steroid injection, Joey died from an overdose, google him.

When I was at that club steroids were ramped.

This action of a few people at xsport has cost them a lot and it wont stop until the truth comes out and I have my justice. Humans can be ultimately stubborn. They can decide what's real to them, and block out any arguments or logic beyond that.

I have all the proof and I'm going to prove xsport out of business if I can. All I wanted was my membership back.

They ripped me off too! BEN BETTENCOURT of OakLawn hasn't a clue.


Clearly X-Sport is the least of your problems.

to BBKK #728647

BBKK, crazy how I just updated this and u comment an hour earlier.

I have no other concerns of any kind. Everything with that woman has been corrected, mostly.

I have nothing to hide and nothing to fear.

The table has turned and far from over with xsport and a few others. All legally

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